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  1. Document to establish from the Bank that salary is transferred through ECS or Cheque by each Contractor, as per the order dated 16-12-2011.
  2. Wage-Muster-Various NIL Register (Bonus leave wage)
  3. Bank Statement to confirm wages are paid through Cheque/ECS transfer.
  4. Leave Register of the present year
  5. Details of unpaid wages, Bonus, Leave encashment etc.
  6. Undertaking that the statutory records have been uploaded on their website.
  7. Provident Fund Challan
  8. Details of Contractors
  9. ESIC Challan
  10. ESIC Contribution History Of 20210136880011001 for Aug2014
  11. Provident Fund Electronic Challan Cum Retrun (ECR) for the Wage Month of (08/2014 ) and return Month (09/2014 )
  12. Delhi Shop & Commercial Registration
  13. EPF Registration No
  15. PAN Card
  16. Service Tax Registration No New
  17. Register of Wages
  18. Register of leave Encashment
  19. Unpaid Wage Register